Landscape, Open Space & Ecology

The proposals aim to ensure a high-quality landscape setting.


The site comprises the northern section of an agricultural field, with the B1438 to the east and Chapel Lane to the west. The western boundary is lined by sporadic tree and scrub
planting. The eastern boundary is defined by mature vegetation, creating a more rural aspect. There is no physical southern site boundary, with the site consisting of the northern part of the wider field. Residential development lies to the north and at present forms the settlement edge to Wickham Market.


Most of the site is under arable cultivation as part of a larger field. The main ecological feature is a hedgerow that runs along the east boundary, although this is species-poor and does not have any mature trees. The other habitats are verges of mainly improved grassland.

The landscaping will be designed to offer habitat areas relevant to local wildlife, including native trees and shrubs and areas of wildflower planting. Other measures to be included will be bird and bat boxes, and features such as hedgehog access holes within fencing.

Landscaping Proposals

A landscape buffer would be provided to the south of the site, providing a linear park with native tree and structural planting to create a reinforced southern landscaped edge. It is considered that the proposed development represents a sensitive, landscape led scheme that can be integrated, without significant harm, to the landscape character or to existing views.