Your feedback is important to us and forms part of the public consultation process for the proposals.

Question 1

Wickham Market is identified as a ‘Key Service Centre’ due to its level of services and facilities and together with neighbouring Pettistree is recognised by the District Council’s emerging Local Plan as a sustainable location to accommodate further housing development.

Do you agree that Wickham Market and the nearby surrounding area is a suitable location to accommodate a proportion of the required new housing in the area?

YesNoTo an extent

Question 2

Do you support the principle of residential development on this site, including affordable housing and areas of public open space, as broadly shown on the Concept Masterplan?

YesNoTo an extent

Question 3

Do you approve of Hopkins Homes’ traditional approach to the design of new homes?

YesNoTo an extent

Question 4

What type of housing do you feel is needed within Pettistree/ Wickham Market, or which types are you or your family/friends in need of?

Bungalows1-bedroom homes2-bedroom homes3-bedroom homes4-bedroom homes5-bedroom homesAffordable housingStarter Homes for first-time buyers

Question 5

What do you think are the three most important things for us to consider as we develop the planning application proposals further?

Attention to detail and high-quality developmentHousing to meet local needs including affordable housingPublic open spaceReducing dependence on the car and making new routes for pedestrians/cyclistsDrainage and flood preventionCreating a safe vehicular access and avoiding traffic congestionContributing towards community infrastructure including schoolsAchieving good quality landscaping and protecting ecologyMinimising construction impact

Question 6

If we addressed those issues identified in question 5 above, would you support our proposals for the site?

YesNoTo an extent

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Closing date: 30th October 2019

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