Planning Context

East Suffolk Council’s emerging Local Plan for the former Suffolk Coastal District proposes to allocate the site for approximately 150 new homes.

The emerging Local Plan is nearing the end of its examination by the Government’s appointed inspector and is expected to be adopted by East Suffolk Council in the near future. It identifies a requirement for 10,476 new homes between 2018-2036 and sets a strategy to distribute this growth between the towns and villages in the plan area. This strategy includes a focus on growth in the A12 corridor, which is expected to accommodate 1,467 new homes, including 220 new homes in Wickham Market and the immediately adjoining part of Pettistree.

The allocation of the site for approximately 150 new homes is a key part of achieving East Suffolk Council’s strategy for growth in Wickham Market and Pettistree and the remaining 70 dwellings of the total allocated to the area are expected to be delivered through the Wickham Market Neighbourhood Plan.

Policy SCLP12.61: Land between High Street and Chapel Lane, Pettistree (Adjoining Wickham Market) is the policy that sets out the specific criteria for the development of the site, which includes the provision of:

  • Approximately 150 homes;
  • A mix of dwellings, including homes suitable for older people (e.g. bungalows) and the provision of serviced plots for self-build;
  • One in three dwellings as affordable homes on site;
  • A landscape buffer of a minimum 10m to the south of the site;
  • Open space for all ages; and
  • Footpaths along the B1438 to connect to existing footpaths in Wickham Market.